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Apex Paints Limited

Coil Coatings
This coating provides
excellent adherence for metalsubtrates...
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We are no.1 when quality counts.
We offer World Class Paints and Coatings to the Nigerian market.

High Quality Products.
Apex Paints Limited offers World Class Paint and Coatings to the Nigerian market.

Customers can fully depend on Apex Paints Limited as the management is fully committed to their delivery requirements.  This is achieved through:

Policy of maintaining a stock level of six months for all raw materials.

Policy of minimum stock level of four months for all consumables.


Apex Paints is Nigeria’s foremost paint and coatings company.
Our customer base reaches regional national and international markets.

Apex Paints is committed to manufacture and market innovative products of superior quality.

Why do customers choose Apex Paints?

We pride ourselves on the integrity, knowledge and ethics of the people who have chosen to align themselves with Apex Paints

We start from the premise, "Customers deserve the highest quality products".  The technical laboratory strives to develop innovative coating formulations, evaluating both on-site and through our customer labs around the country in order to continually improve on our time-tested formulas.
Not only do we test on-site to provide coatings best suited to withstand our sometimes harsh Nigerian environment where we experience heat, humidity and heavy rains at different times of the year.

Apex Paints offers a variety of services to assist you with all your project needs. 

Our size allows us to be flexible enough to handcraft that special batch and nimble enough to get the big jobs done quickly, on time and within your budget.

Whether you're looking for product recommendations, assistance with color matching or information on selecting surface preparation and application tools, our staff of coatings experts is ready to assist you.

At Apex Paints, architectural paints and industrial coatings are our specialty.


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